Thursday, September 18, 2008


If you have EVER had a problem with ANTS then you are going to love this information I have for you. I have found the Best way to get rid of those pesky creatures without all the costly,non effective and enviromentally hazardous chemicals that are sold in stores. Your Ants will be gone for good with these easy steps.

First - you need to get a clear plastic bottle (I use a coke or water bottle and make sure to keep the cap) , sugar, and some Boric Acid. You can find at a drug store or even the Dollar store.

Second - Build your ANTBOMB! Start by filling your bottle with water about 1/3 full, then you take 3 parts sugar to 1 part Boric acid put the lid on and shake well.

Thrid - Find where the Ants are comming inside from and place the bomb on its side in the area. Now this can be under a sink, or in a cupboard or even outside. you have to remove the lid. And get a little stick or something that acts as a bridge andgoes between the opening of the bottle and the ground.

Thats it ! Now just give it a few days and your Ant's will be gone. But if you still see one or two, locate there path and repete the steps above.

It REALLY works!